Sunday, August 21, 2011


I thought I should introduce you to the loves of my life!

This is Baci (pronounced Barchy, like the chocolates):

And this is Meeka:

They are three and a half years young and full of personality.  Baci is a Seal Point Siamese and Meeka is a Lilac Point Siamese.  Never a dull moment, or should I say quiet moment, with these two around.  They just love to talk to you :)  Baci is a bit of a sook and demands your attention often!  Meeka is more independent but my gosh when she wants a pat you'd better drop what you are doing and give her one or her meowing will get louder LOL.  It's true what they say, it is not you who owns the cat but rather the cat who owns you!


gracie said...

They are beautiful.....did you know that Baci in Italian means kiss......and what a face to kiss!

sharine said...

very nice little kitties

Bec said...

Aw, Gorgeous pics :)
I absolutely adore the photo on the side bar!! It is precious!

You will think we are insane but the whole way home from your place and for a good half hour yesterday, Michael and I were practicing our best Baci impressions! LOL
His Meow is the best!

Kaisievic said...

These are absolutely gorgeous kitties. I love them! Our two kittens, Furio and Milo own everyone in our house! lol
Kaye xoxox

Joysze said...

Aww, love their blue eyes! :D

Jennifer M. said...

Your kitties are too cute. I love cats, but my boyfriend hates them. Dog people I tell you.

Thank you for commenting on my Reading Blog. I have read some Jody Picoult books and her writing is fabulous, although some don't seem to like her books very much. I don't understand why. I think they are great.

I wanted to reply to you via e-mail, but your e-mail is not active on your profile. There is a way to show it on your profile. This way when you comment, I can e-mail you back. :)

Enjoy your week!