Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shoe bag

I have been meaning to put together a bag for my work shoes for some time and managed to sew one up today. I found the pattern on the internet and found it difficult to interpret the instructions. After a few incorrect seams and a lot of unpicking I realised where I went wrong. Here are some pics:

The zigzag stitch was the most challenging. I've rarely ever used it before, as I'm relatively new to using a sewing machine, and it ended up bunching the fabric. I tried re-threading the machine but that didn't seem to make a difference. I think the fabric was too light and thin. In the end it turned out ok though and I can now carry my shoes in a much nicer bag than a spare plastic shopping bag :)


Bec said...

Very nice :)
Definitely much better than a plastic bag, you won't need to worry about it breaking.
You'll have to teach me how to make one, it'd make a great overnight bag too :)

Jennifer M. said...

This came out great! A very stylish bag for your shoes.

Regarding the zig zag stitch, if your fabric was puckering, it was because the thread tension was too tight. For lighter fabrics, lessen the tension and use a smaller needle in the machine.

I used to sell sewing machines so if you ever have a question, feel free to ask. :D