Sunday, August 7, 2011


The first two blocks of the Jitterbug quilt are now pieced together :) Was good to use the sewing machine again. The first block seemed to come out better than the second with the points all meeting up perfectly. 

Yesterday I was sewing together the second block only to finish then realize the colour pattern didn't line up (the same colour triangles are used in the opposite diagonal and I had them lined up next to one another).  I then had to unpick a few rows to re-position then sew together again.  I think the fabric stretched as a result because it was virtually impossible to line up the points accurately.  I managed to sew it together okay in the end and it should still look fine when the whole quilt is sewn together.


Jennifer M. said...

Very pretty! The quilt pattern looks very challenging. Lots of triangles it looks like. Definitely be careful when you have to rip seams. Since triangles are cut on the bias normally, the fabric will stretch and distort.

Good Luck on the next blocks. :)


Bec said...

Looks great steph :)
I really like these colours!