Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Cross-Stitch Confession!

Have you ever been talking to a friend and they mention how unreal it is that some people collect more cross stitch kits and patterns than they could possibly complete in a lifetime?  Well, I have.  And it certainly got me thinking.  Could I possibly be one of these people?  

Amidst the conversation I was having with my friend I secretly bantered back and forth within my own head trying to rationalise why I would not be classed as one of these people.  Surely I do not have THAT many unfinished projects in my stash....  Could it be that I would NEVER touch some of these for as long as I live???  As not to be put in the spotlight amongst friends I smiled and agreed that it was nuts to collect so many but on the inside I was feeling somewhat guilty :S

That night when I went home I stood in front of my treasure chest containing my craft collection, racking my brain trying to remember just what exactly I had in there and of how much!  Hmm, it has been a while since I finished a cross-stitch design let alone opened this chest to see what other designs were awaiting my attention.

With a bit of hesitation I began to open the chest and trawl through my stash, all the while saying to myself “I do not seriously have more than I could ever complete” over and over again.  One by one I emptied the chest and lay the cross stitch kits and patterns on the floor.  One, two, three....nine, ten, eleven...fifteen kits and three patterns!!!  Oh boy.  I was overcome with sudden laughter followed shortly after by a sinking feeling in my gut that I may have been a little rash in my cross-stitch purchasing over the years...  Who could blame me though right?

Well, I said to myself, staring at the kits spread out over the floor.  “These few here are quite small, you could get these done in no time over the next few years.  And as for the other large ones, well I’m sure it’s possible to do them all eventually, let’s not give up hope that your life span will end before picking them up for stitching!  After all, cross-stitch kits can make wonderful presents also so all is not lost if you personally don’t stitch them.  And you never know you may have a daughter one day that is inspired to learn cross-stitch and you already have some beautiful kits available for her to choose from if she so wishes.  Phew, that is true”.  By this point I am feeling quite relieved.

But wait!  What about if I see another kit I absolutely adore and must get...   And the saga goes on!

Does anyone else have a similar experience or am I alone in the cross stitch kit collecting phenomenon?  Would love to hear your story :)


Joysze said...

LOL!!!! Well, I have lots of stitchy friends who are collectors. :D I hardly stash, as I don't like clutter. They assure me that it's a joy to have all the stash. I them they can keep telling me that, but I don't believe it. LOL!!!!

To each her own. :) If they make you happy, then by all means. :D

Tama said...

Darling - darling! You're only getting started, lol! Take a look at this blog: or mine. Mine's pretty huge.
So you shouldn't feel guilty AT ALL!!!